Why choose Porto?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In 2012 and 2014, the city of Porto was voted "Best European Destination", awarded annually by the "European Consumers Choice" and in 2013, was voted "Best Holiday Destination in Europe" by Lonely Planet.

Also in 2015, Porto is once again chosen as one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, being part of a list of 10 tourist poles made by the British newspaper The Guardian.

In February 2017, Porto was again elected by the "European Consumers Choice", "Best European Destination" of the year, being the third time the city is distinguished with this award and the only one to have done this three times.

The city has over 10,000 annual events, from concerts, theaters, exhibitions or even parties with famous disc jockeys in one of the city's many nightclubs and bars.

It has several cultural spaces of reference in the region and nationally. Several dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine and their own drink that bears the name of the city: Port wine.

About Us

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TT-3ways rent in Porto is a company dedicated to the rental of bicycles, electric bicycles, vespas, scooters and classic cars (2CV) in Porto. Rent a bike porto rent a e-bike porto rent a scooter porto porto rent a bike porto rent a scooter

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What makes porto so appealing?

Porto is the perfect city for the circulation of this kind of vehicles. In addition to its natural beauty, there is also a perfect symbiosis between modern and old, the narrow streets of Porto’s downtown in contrast with the wide avenues that bathe the ocean and connect Foz to the center of the city. We give you the opportunity to explore Europe’s Best Destination 2017 with the Douro River by your side.

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